What Are Vitamin D injections? Most Significant Benefits Of Vitamin D Injections?

What Are Vitamin D injections, Most Significant Benefits Of Vitamin D Injections

While everyday sun exposure is widely considered beneficial, the reasons behind this may be lost on you. This is because cholesterol in the skin’s cells can be energized by the sun’s UV rays, producing vitamin D, colloquially known as “the sunshine vitamin.” A lack of vitamin D can be harmful because it prevents the body […]

What is IV Nutrition Used For?

What is IV Nutrition Used For?

Nutrient IVs are today’s modern approaches to nutrient supplementation. IV nutrition involves the insertion of IV lines into the veins in our arms and administering fluids full of electrolytes — these could include magnesium, potassium, B vitamins, sulfate, or calcium, to name a few. Today, we will learn more about IV nutrition, specifically nutrient IVs […]

Which Type of PDO Thread is the Most Popular?

Which Type of PDO Thread is the Most Popular

PDO threads are today’s modern approach to skin rejuvenation. Gone are those days when patients would shun cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Thread lift procedures today are known for delivering results comparable to surgical procedures, albeit semi-permanent. A widespread and highly sought-after procedure in medical aesthetics by both parties – practitioners and patients alike, PDO threads […]

What Happens When PDO Threads Dissolve?

What Happens When PDO Threads Dissolve

PDO threads help our never-ending attempts to find much more convenient, effective, and much longer-lasting facial rejuvenation treatments. That’s why more and more patients are now resorting to lifts using PDO threads. These threads are today’s revolutionary technique that offers the one-of-a-kind opportunity to achieve quick and effective results that gradually improve as time progresses. […]

Dermal Fillers: What to Know Before You Try

Dermal Fillers | Phoenix, AZ | Atelier Aesthetic Clinique

Dermal fillers are fast and painless, non-surgical procedures that can help make you look years younger without the hassles of invasive surgery. It’s a treatment that takes a few minutes to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Typically, these fillers treat areas such as the cheeks, chin, lips, jaw, marionette lines, and nasolabial folds. Results from […]

What are Neuromodulators? The Art of Dermatology

Neuromodulators | Phoenix, AZ | Atelier Aesthetic Clinique

Neuromodulators help rejuvenate the face by minimizing wrinkles and fine lines so that one would look healthier and softer. Through the interference of the nerves and muscles, signals prevent the contraction of muscles, which, in return, smoothens wrinkles. Because they relax overactive muscles, the facial contours are also improved towards that look of a more […]

How Effective Are Vitamin Injections For Skin Treatment, And Are There Any Side Effects?

Vitamin Injections | Phoenix, AZ | Atelier Aesthetic Clinique

Vitamin injection has gained popularity over the past few years as a regimen-must have as it promises many benefits in maintaining health and fighting illness. Receiving vitamins through an IV allegedly allows the nutrients to bypass the digestive system for a quicker shot of vitality. This means that higher levels of vitamins and minerals in […]

What Are Nutrients IV? How Does It Work?


To revitalize the body quickly and efficiently, infusion of Nutrient IV Therapy offers crucial vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for health and healing. With only one shot, a person can begin reversing conditions that interfere with sleep and moods, cause stress, migraines, and even lead to autoimmune disorders. Indeed, receiving the nutrients through IV is […]

An Overview of Neurotoxins And The Conditions Treated

Neurotoxins And The Conditions Treated

Wrinkles are inevitable and can be challenging to treat at times, especially in the face where facial expressions are made. Mostly, the serious cosmetic intervention has to be done to some wrinkles that deepen over time. With the help of neurotoxins, dynamic wrinkles can now be treated while helping many people achieve that natural-looking appearance. […]

Dermal Fillers: Dos and Don’ts Before Trying Them

Dermal Fillers: Dos and Don'ts Before Trying Them

Dermal fillers have been around for a few decades now, but they are still considered a temporary solution for skin issues rather than a permanent one. However, with recent advancements in technology, new developments have allowed for more precise placement of dermal filler injections that can last several years without any further treatments required. They are […]