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Dermal Fillers: Dos and Don’ts Before Trying Them

Dermal Fillers: Dos and Don'ts Before Trying Them

Dermal fillers have been around for a few decades now, but they are still considered a temporary solution for skin issues rather than a permanent one. However, with recent advancements in technology, new developments have allowed for more precise placement of dermal filler injections that can last several years without any further treatments required.

They are among the best cosmetic treatments for improving their appearance without undergoing any other treatments or procedures. Dermal fillers have become a popular treatment for aging skin because they are quick and easy. You can say goodbye to signs of aging⁠—taking only a few minutes. 

Dermal fillers have been in use for over 30 years, but it wasn’t until recently that they started becoming more popular among the public. The main reason for this was that the FDA approved dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane in 2010, allowing people to use them without lengthy approval.

Here are the Dos And Don’ts before trying out dermal fillers. 

Dos Before Trying Dermal Fillers

To Find The Right Provider

It is essential that you find a qualified provider and choose the suitable filler for your needs. There are so many providers out there, and it can be overwhelming to decide which one you should go with. But here’s a simple trick you can do. 

Thanks to the internet, many clinics are setting up a part of their services online. If you want to check how good a clinic is without ever physically visiting them, simply check their sites and online reviews. Find one clinic with many reviews from happy clients who have used their services before.

If the site has a gallery of before & after photos of their previous clients, they have more experience than other clinics. Of course, you still have to visit the clinic yourself and make the final decision there at the end of the day. 

Do Consult A Doctor

Dermal fillers can smooth out wrinkles, reduce facial lines, and even improve the appearance of scars. Although most people are happy with their results, some have experienced complications after using dermal fillers. 

These complications can be anything from infection to discoloration of the skin, making you look like a different person or causing permanent damage to your face. This is why you need to consult with a doctor before trying out dermal fillers.

Do Realize The Different Dermal Filler Brands Yield Different Results

Many brands of dermal fillers can be used to replace the volume lost in the face due to aging. The most common ones are Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Bellafill.

The first thing you should know is that there is no one-size-fits-all dermal filler. Each brand has a different way of working with your body and will yield different results. You should also know that each brand has its risks associated with it. 

Some work better for certain skin types, and some work better for specific purposes. Your provider will help you choose which dermal filler suits your needs. 

Do Know What Your Goals Are

Dermal fillers can reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and make your skin look more youthful. This is why people use dermal fillers to improve their appearance.

However, it is essential to know what your goals are before you start getting dermal fillers. What kind of change on your face are you expecting? Communicate appropriately to your provider on what you want precisely—make sure you won’t have regrets later on. 

Do Listen To Your Provider

The key to getting the best results from a dermal filler treatment is finding a provider with experience and knowledge in this area. Your provider should answer questions about the different types of dermal filler treatments, how long each one lasts, and what type of filler would be best for you based on your goals and needs. 

They have your interests at heart. After all, they also have a reputation that they need to keep. 

Don’ts Before Trying Dermal Fillers

Don’t Be Hasty

Some clinics would immediately push for a dermal filler treatment right there and then once you entered the clinic. If there is anything you are unsure about, make sure to give it some thought. 

Dermal fillers are a great way to rejuvenate your face and make it look more youthful. However, you must think about the procedure before going ahead with it. Carefully consider the benefits, duration, and potential side effects.

When clinics want you to do a dermal filler right away, don’t give in to pressure. 

Don’t Sacrifice Quality For Budget.

The budget is important when considering dermal fillers, but it is more beneficial to invest in quality instead. You can get better results and avoid complications with a higher budget. Quality dermal fillers are effective and last longer than cheaper ones.

Many clinics offer dermal fillers for a meager price, but they usually have many red flags that point out that these clinics are not worth your time.

The first red flag is the cost of the procedure. If it is too low, there might be something wrong with the quality of service provided or products used. This will lead to a poor experience for both you and your skin. 

Another red flag is if they don’t have a medical license—this should raise an alarm bell for you because it means they don’t know what they’re doing and could cause damage to your health. 

Don’t Drink Alcohol Or Use Over the Counter Pain Killers Before the Procedure.

If you are considering dermal fillers, it’s important to know what you should do before and after the procedure. Drinking alcohol or taking over-the-counter painkillers can cause complications with dermal filler procedures.

These substances can cause swelling in the face and make it difficult for the filler to go into your skin properly.


Dermal fillers are a cosmetic treatment that can make the skin smoother and more youthful-looking. They are safe and effective in treating facial wrinkles scars, acne scars, and under-eye bags. However, just like any other cosmetic treatment, you need to do the dos and don’ts before trying them. 

If you want to learn more about dermal fillers or want one, consider and contact our clinic Atelier Aesthetic Clinique. We will make sure that you attain your cosmetic goals with the help of your guidance. 

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